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Why Member App Should Be Your First Choice For Selling, Creating & Managing Your Courses

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Freedom To Create

Member App provides creators with an easy to follow and enjoyable experience. You can create a course, sales funnel, landing page or checkout fast. Get your courses up and selling with ease.

Beautiful Membership Sites In 5 Minutes

Use our fast start wizard to quickly generate a customized membership website fast. Choose from a range of professionally designed themes that deliver an enhanced learning experience for your students.

Free Flow Course Planning System

Use Member App to plan your courses from start to finish. Freely add modules, lessons and reorder as you like.

Sales Funnel & Landing Page Builder

Choose from a wide range of landing page or sales funnel templates. Customize within a flexible drag and drop builder. Run specials, time sensitive promotions or build a professional website for your brand.

Flexible Checkout System

Get paid directly within Member App. Customize your checkout pages. Sell more of your course through affiliates. Run time-sensitive coupon promotions. Bundle courses together into products of your chioce and more.

Grow Your Business

Use our business features to enhance your management, analytics and membership tools. Create more courses, reach more students and collaborate with your team.

Enhanced Customer Engagement

Quiz, test or survey your audience. Motivate students using tests and overall course achevement scores. Communicate directly with students and receive responses in real time.

Management Tools

Add business partners, additoinal admins, editors and support staff to your account. Set permissions and access levels. Automate student management as your courses expand.

Communicate Directly With Your Students:

You can communicate with your students in many different ways within Member App. Send email broadcasts or followup emails. Engage in group chat discussions or broadcast notification alerts.

Apps & Integration

Choose from over 1500+ integrations. Integrate with the most popular software on the internet. Imrprove your workflow between your memberships and other online assets.

Scale Your Agency

Invoice, manage & charge your clients from one easy to navigate dashboard. Scale your agency with enhanced marketing & management tools.

Add Clients & Manage Multiple Accounts

Manage client accounts, memberships and students from one location.

Invoicing, Tracking
& Collaboration

Invoice clients directly from within Member App. Charge monthly, track sales & followup. Send client access and collaborate on projects.

Scaleable Pricing Options

Set the price you want to charge. Scaleable options available for large companies and educational institutions. Privide a wide range of flexible, affordable solutions.

Advanced Analytics
& Reporting

Quiz, test or survey your audience. Motivate students using tests and overall course achevement scores. Communicate directly with students and receive responses in real time.


Build beautiful membership websites fast, plan courses, add content.

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Generate Checkout, Login & Registration pages. Provide students with their very own workspace to encourage focussed learning.

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Connect with your students, quiz, test or survey them. Get feedback, improve your training and manage students easily within a detailed management interface.

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