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In-depth Analytics system

Analytics tracking,
monitoring and reporting

Learn valuable information from your students activity. Monitor video watch times, drop off rates, track student activity
and generate accurate insightful reports into student activity, progress and results.


whats profitable

Track your overall membership and course sales revenue. Export professional reports, forecasts and learn about your students.

Track course sales

Quickly filter your course sales from within the Member app dashboard. Discover what courses are selling better than others and compare the sales of one course to another.

Monitor new student enrollments

Monitor new student enrolments and graph trends. Compare different time periods and see whether signups are trending up or down.

In-depth filtering options

Filter what’s shown on your analytics dashboard. Search based on membership, course or date.

Financial breakdowns and summaries

Generate login, registration and checkout pages. Send automated emails to new students & receive payment to your bank account right from within Member App.

Student Analytics

Improve your training with the help of your students

Review student submitted feedback and respond. Monitor course completion rates.

Feedback tracking

Use our fast start wizard to quickly generate a customized membership website fast. Choose from a range of professionally designed themes that deliver an enhanced learning experience for your students.

Respond to feedback

Review student feedback and send a response. Students will receive a notification of your response within their student workspace as well as their email.

Rank lessons by popularity

See clearly based on student feedback and course interactions which of your lessons are the most liked and least liked by your students.

Discover overall course dropoff rates

Get updated course drop off rates and make decisions based on trends.

Video Analytics

Visualize Your Student’s Video Activity

Plot video trends and assess average drop off rates. Visualize your students video views. Use data to identify areas of improvement within your lessons.

Track overall video statistics

Collect course wide video statistics. See how many students are watching your videos, how long on average they spend watching your videos.

Monitor drop off rates of video lessons

Identify who is watching your videos and when they are leaving. How many students on average complete watching a video and where on average students drop off.

Track individual video statistics

See an individual videos average rate of completion or drop off rate. Discover which students watched the video and when they dropped off. Dig deeper into your data.

Rank videos based on completion rates

Easily identify the most popular videos vs the least popular based on the time a video is viewed and when a student drops off from the video.

Student Results Dashboard

Drive success and reward student progress

Assess student progress with quizzes,
polls, surveys & tests.

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Review individual results

Filter your students submissions individually. Monitor individual student progress. Export individual performance reports and more.

Review overall results

Review overall student results. See trends and how your students are performing as a whole.

Manually answer student tests

Choose to manually review student quizzes or assignments. Mark a students test and include an explanation for the result.

Rank questions by correct and incorrect responses

Discover which questions your students have the most difficulty answering. Rank responses based on result.

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