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Communicate Effortlessly
With Your Students

Build a better relationship with your students using many
different methods of communication inside of Member App.

Email Marketing System

Send automated followup emails or manual broadcast emails to subscribers or students inside of your courses. Sell other courses, promote newly released training and more.

Group Chat Discussions

Create a ‘Discussion’ within your training for students to engage in. Set topics and allow your students to communicate directly with one another.

In-Course Notifications

Push browser notifications to your students. Alert students of new responses within group chat, new training material, live workshops about to occur and more.

Course Announcements

Create ‘Course Announcements’ with new updated information, articles or content that are of interest to your students. Advertise updated content or new courses.

Comments & Responses

Get notified when new comments are placed on lessons. Approve or moderate comments on lessons. Respond directly to comments either publically or privately.

Feedback Surveys

Ask for student feedback on any lesson within your courses. Respond to the feedback or use the feedback to improve your courses.

Everything You Need To Communicate And
Build A Closer Relationship With Your Students

Automated Followup Sequences

Send automated emails to both prospects & students. Schedule emails based on actions, time, progress and more.

Send Email Broadcast To Your Subscribers

Schedule mass email broadcasts to your students. Segment your list based on activity, progress or actions within your course. Sell additional courses,

Automated In-Course Notifications

Your students are notified of differnet activities, new content, announcements and more right from within your course.

Engage In Group Chat Discussions

Engage in group discussions within your students. Categorize different topics & pin important or popular discussions to the top of community chat.

Course Announcements

Schedule announcements to be sent out to your students from within your course. Alert students to new content, new lessons or new time-sensitive information. Each annoucenment is also emailed to a student as well as featured within ‘announcements’ on their course dashboard.

Comment Management

View, delete or approve comments. Respond to comments directly within your lessons either publically or privately.

Feedback Surveys

Create feedback surveys that appear after a chosen lesson. Ask questions about your students experiences, any questions they might have. Respond to the data and view the overall sentement of your studens through our analytics & exportable data.

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